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If this software is useful for you and you want to help me to make it more useful you can make a monetary donation. Your donations will help me to spend more time into the project for the development process (adding features, bug fixing) and user support (answering your questions, visiting forums). Thank you!


You can download all files listed below for free and without any charge.

File Size Description Release date
BitrateViewerSetup.exe 5,052 kiB The program with setup to install Bitrate Viewer 2.3 07/10/2011

Other files:

File Size Description Release date 1,050 kiB MFC, C, C++ redistributable runtime DLL's (English) 13/12/2008

Notes: Please don't use a »Save As...« command for the download links above. This won't work. Just click them to »Open« the link and then save the file where you want it.
Normally the installer should do everything for you. If not, you will need the ZIPped only program file together with the syslibs ZIP file. The latter is only needed if you don't have these DLL's installed already in your Windows system32 directory. Please read the FAQ for more details.

For questions, feedback, any suggestions, etc. please visit the Bitrate Viewer's online forum.